April 17, 2013 by wca Staff

We’re attending the SETAC Europe meeting in Glasgow.Graham, Dean, Adam, Pete and Becky will be on-hand to welcome you to our stand in the main exhibition hall, and will be happy to discuss anything and everything with respect to the management of chemicals and the regulatory requirements your company may be facing now or in the coming months or years.

Whether your focus is on REACH, chemical risk assessment, Socio-economic Analysis (SEA), chemical standards, pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines, endocrine disrupting substances, Life Cycle (Impact) Analysis (LC(I)A), Waste, environmental monitoring or any other aspect of chemicals assessment or regulation affecting your business, please do drop in to the stand to discuss how we might be able to help you.

We will also be chairing two sessions and presenting on a wide-range of subjects.

  • Adam Peters will be chairing the session on ‘Understanding chemical effects in communities and ecosystems’ (Session CETFE01) on Weds 15th May (8:10-18:50) in the Carron Room, along with Frederik Delaender, Jennifer Best and Francesco Pomati.
  • Dean Leverett will be chairing the session ‘Wastewater effluent discharges: chemical characterisation and understanding potential risks in receiving waters’ (Session ET08) on Tue 14th May (08:10-12:50) in the Alsh Room 2, with Mirco Bundschuh.
  • Peter Simpson will be presenting our recent regulatory experiences with nanosilver at the Ecological Risk Assessment Workshop on Closing the Gap Between Academic Research and Regulatory Risk Assessment of Chemicalson Sunday 12 May 2013, 13:00-18:00 (Forth).
  • Peter will also be presenting a ‘Comparative acute and chronic sensitivity of fish and amphibians: a critical review of data’, which was conducted in collaboration with Syngenta and BASF at 15:00 on Wednesday May 15th as part of the ET11 session on ‘Needs and challenges for protecting amphibians and reptiles from the impact of environmental pollutants’ in the Boisdale room.
  • Adam Peters will be presenting his work on the ‘Derivation of a Water Quality Standard for Iron from Field Evidence’ at 11:10 on Mon 13th May in Session RA14 – Effects of Mining in the Local Environment (SECC Hall 1)

We also have eight poster presentations;

  • The Derivation of Water Quality Limit Values for Chemicals Derivation: An International Perspective. Monday 13th May; Session: Science for implementing REACH and beyond: getting added value from regulatory data.
  • Variability in Environmental Quality Standards: what are the causes? Monday 13th May; Session: Science for implementing REACH and beyond: getting added value from regulatory data.
  • The Potential for Reducing the Uncertainty of Deterministic Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) by Increasing the Minimum Ecotoxicity Dataset. Monday 13th May; Session: Science for implementing REACH and beyond: getting added value from regulatory data.
  • Socioeconomic analysis of the use of nickel sulphate in the manufacture of bathroom fixtures and fittings (Poster Spotlight). 13th May; Session: Monetisation for weighting and aggregation of risks and impacts to human health and the environment. 15:55 – Dochart room.
  • EQS approaches for waterbodies impacted by abandoned metal mines under the Water Framework Directive. 13th May; Session: Effects of mining on the local environment.
  • Weight of evidence review to determine endocrine disrupting properties of active substances.15th May; Session: Endocrine Disruptors: identification, quantification, hazard and risk management.
  • Implementation of a bioavailability approach for nickel in Australian Surface Waters. 16th May; Session: Metal bioavailability and ecotoxicology.
  • Are fish early lifestage data protective of reproductive effects in fish? 16th May; Session: Alternative Methods for Evaluating Toxicity: Methods, Endpoints, and New Testing Strategies.

We very much look forward to meeting you at one of these scientific sessions or at our stand during what is likely to be an interesting, lively and probably extremely busy week in Glasgow.