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Stability of Trace Substances in Wastewater Effluents

The results of a project investigating the stability of priority pollutants in wastewater effluents has been published in Analytical Letters. The project was undertaken as part of the UK Water Industry Chemicals Investigations Programme (CIP)
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Service areas: Waste Management,

Use of compost-like output from mechanical-biological treatment (MBT) plants

Dawn and I recently completed a review for the Environment Agency on compost-like outputs from MBT plants (follow this link for the full report). The main objectives of this review were to describe current EU practice for the production, regulation and use of compost-like outputs from MBT plants, with specific reference to their application to land. A further objective was to assess national differences in approaches across the EU and to attempt to establish why such differences exist.
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SNIFFER (2010) Code of practice for the use of organic materials in land reclamation. SNIFFER, Edinburgh, UK Download

SNIFFER (2010) Code of practice for the use of organic materials in land reclamation. Technical document. SNIFFER, Edinburgh, UK Download

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Environment Agency (2009). Assessment of MBT input and output quality. SC030144/R4. Environment Agency, Bristol, UK Download

Environment Agency (2009). The use and application to land of MBT compost-like output – review of current European practice in relation to environmental protection. SC030144/SR3. Environment Agency, Bristol, UK Download

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Wheeler RS, Cameron RWF, Bishop HO, Nortcliff S, Hadley PH, Bardos RP, Chapman AS, Percival G. (2008) An evaluation of fertiliser requirement during establishment of salix cv. Tora hardwood cuttings grown in MBT-derived media and a ‘brownfield’ spoil. Paper presented at ORBIT 2008, 13-15 October 2008 Wageningen, The Netherlands

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