This project was conducted for a confidential client. The objective of the project was to prepare concise factsheets for a list of chemicals that had been implicated as endocrine active or endocrine disrupting chemicals. The purpose of these factsheets was for concise internal company communication on the potential business risk of the continued use of these chemicals in their products and to enable the client to proactively manage these potential risks.

The fact sheets included the following categories:

  • Evidence for endocrine activity:
  • Likelihood of categorisation an endocrine disrupter:
  • Risk of being targeted by non-governmental organisation or consumer groups:
  • Research activity:
  • Regulatory or scientific opinions and assessments:

An indication of the likely identification as an endocrine disrupter was based on a tiered assessment of existing evaluations by regulatory authorities or reputable organisation, or identification as a priority for further research;

This was based on whether the available evidence met the WHO definition of an endocrine disrupter;

This was based on the inclusion of the substance on specific lists or reports published by such organisations;

Literature searches were conducted to identify the level of research interest and level of publications for a substance;

Any regulatory or scientific opinions or assessments were recorded, e.g. such as those expressed in Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) opinions, US EPA evaluations, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) evaluations and consumer updates, and inclusion on the REACH Community Action Rolling Plan (CoRAP) for assessment as Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC), amongst others.