The Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) under REACH lists substances for which there is an initial concern that their manufacture or use could pose risk to human health or the environment. The substance evaluation process under REACH aims to clarify these potential risks. In many cases, the initial concerns leading to inclusion on the plan are related to PBT properties, suspected endocrine disruption, or carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reprotoxic properties in combination with wide dispersive or consumer use.

The objective of this project was to conduct a weight of evidence review of potential endocrine disrupting properties, which were highlighted as an initial concern in the CoRAP listing of a client’s substance. The outcome was a stand-alone report that was appended to the IUCLID dossier, in addition to individual study summary inclusion within IUCLID. As part of this project we liaised with the Member State competent authority on behalf of the client to discuss and agree the approach adopted in the weight of evidence assessment. On behalf of our client, we also attended and provided technical expertise during the discussions of the substance at an ECHA Endocrine Disruptor Expert Group meeting.