The UK left the European Union on 31 January 2020, and is currently in a transition period. During the transition period, UK-based companies must continue to comply with EU chemicals regulations, but following the end of the transition period (currently expected to be 31 December 2020), a new UK REACH will come into force. This change will affect both UK-based companies, who may need to register substances under UK REACH as well as retain access to EU markets through setting up Only Representatives, and companies based in the EU that sell into the UK (to UK entities that are currently considered to be downstream users). Although the details of UK REACH are still to be finalised, and the degree of potential divergence from EU REACH will not become clear for some time, it is apparent that action will need to be taken in both the short and long-term in order to maintain regulatory compliance.

At wca we have many years of experience supporting companies with their EU REACH obligations and have been closely following the development of UK REACH, therefore we are well placed to help with a wide range of activities that may be required during the transition period and throughout the implementation of the new chemicals regime.

wca can support you with:

  • Clarifying your regulatory obligations under both UK and EU REACH.
  • Transferring EU REACH registrations to an Only Representative to maintain access to EU markets.
  • Grandfathering substances, where existing EU REACH registrations are available, into UK REACH.
  • Submitting new registration dossiers under UK REACH.
  • Submitting downstream user notifications under UK REACH.
  • Conducting data access and cost sharing negotiations.
  • Preparation of dossiers in IUCLID format.

Where new data, exposure or risk assessments are required under UK REACH we can also help with developing testing strategies, derivation of no effect levels and occupational and environmental exposure modelling.

If you would like support in any of these areas, or have other questions relating to the implications from the UK leaving the European Union, please contact us.

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